How to Spring Clean

A workshop presented in May, 2002, by Don Aslett, as part of the How-To's-Day series of programs at the Chelmsford Public Library

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Books by Don Aslett

The cleaning encyclopedia. 1993.

Don Aslett's stainbuster's bible : the complete guide to spot removal. c1990.

For packrats only : how to clean up, clear out, and dejunk your life forever! 2002.

Make your house do the housework. 1995.

No time to clean! : how to reduce & prevent cleaning the professional way. c2000.

Other Books at CPL

Clean naturally : recipes for body, home & spirit. Sandy Maine. 2001.

Good things for organizing. By the editors of Martha Stewart living. 2001.

Mary Ellen's guide to good enough housekeeping. Mary Ellen Pinkham. 2002.

Neat mom, messie kids : a survival guide. Sandra Felton. c2002.

The new messies manual : the procrastinator's guide to good housekeeping. Sandra Felton. c2000.

Order from chaos : a six-step plan for organizing yourself, your office, and your life. Liz Davenport. 2001.

The right storage : organizing essentials for the home. Lisa Skolnik. 2001.

Spiritual housecleaning : healing the space within by beautifying the space around you. Kathryn L. Robyn. c2001.

Talking dirty laundry with the Queen of Clean. Linda Cobb. c2001.