Composting - All You Need to Know

A How-To's Day Program

Chelmsford’s “Composting Guru” Virgínio Mendonça presented workshops on composting in October, 2002, and April, 2003, at the main library . These programs were co-sponsored by the Chelmsford Recycling Committee. Mr. Mendonça explained why composting is the most convenient, beneficial, and inexpensive way to handle yard waste. Learn how to improve the quality of your soil and the health of your plants without adding to the solid waste stream by exploring the following resources:


Easy Compost: the Secret to Great Soil and Spectacular Plants Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1997

Let it Rot: The Gardener's Guide to Composting by Stu Campbell, 1990

The Rodale Book of Composting, 1992

Secrets to Great Soil : a grower's guide to composting, mulching, and creating healthy, fertile soil for your garden and lawn by Elizabeth P. Stell, 1998

Soil and Composting : the complete guide to building healthy, fertile soil by Nancy Ondra, 1998

The Urban/Suburban Composter : the complete guide to backyard, balcony and apartment composting by Mark Cullen, 1992


Home composting : turning your spoils to soil, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Recycling Program, 1991


US Environmental Protection Agency

US Composting Council

Town of Chelmsford Recycling Information