Creativity Resources

Celebrate the Creative Spirit

during May, 2003, at the Chelmsford Public Library

The Creative Process

Coloring outside the lines : raising smarter kids by breaking all the rules by Roger Schank, 2000.

Creative spirit by Daniel Goleman, Paul Kaufman and Michael Ray, 1992.

Growing up creative : nurturing a lifetime of creativity by Terese M. Amabile, 1989.

Mega creativity : five steps to thinking like a genius by Andrei G. Aleinikov, 2002.

Rise of the creative class : and how it's transforming work, leisure, community and everday life by Richard Florida, 2002.

Teaching your child creativity by Lee Hausner, Jeremy Schlosberg, 1998.

Unintentional music : releasing your deepest creativity by Lane Arye, 2001.

Walking in this world : the practical art of creativity by Julia Cameron, 2002.

Creativity and the Brain

Discover your genius : how to think like history's ten most revolutionary minds by Michael J. Gelb, 2002.

Intelligence reframed : multiple intelligences for the 21st century by Howard Gardner, 1999.

New drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards, 1999.

Sparks of genius : the thirteen thinking tools of the world's most creative people by Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein, 1999.

Business & Invention

Art of innovation : lessons in creativity from IDEO, America's leading design firm by Tom Kelley, 2001.

Go to : the story of the math majors, bridge players, engineers, chess wizards, maverick scientists and iconoclasts : the programmers who created the software revolution by Steve Lohr, 2001.

Idea revolution : guidelines and prompts for brainstorming alone, in groups or with clients by Clare Warmke, 2003.

Really useful : the origins of everyday things by Joel Levy, 2002.

So you want to be an inventor? by Judith St. George, 2002.

Thinking for a change : 11 ways highly successful people approach life and work by John C. Maxwell, 2002.

Weird ideas that work : 11-1/2 practices for promoting, managing, and sustaining innovation by Robert I. Sutton, 2002.


How to write romances by Phyllis Taylor Pianka, 1998.

How writers work : finding a process that works for you by Ralph Fletcher, 2000.

Making and keeping creative journals by Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott, 2001.

New Moon, writing by the New Moon Books Girls Editorial board, 2000.

Poetry matters : writing a poem from the inside out by Ralph Fletcher, 2002.

Seeing the blue between : advice and inspiration for young poets, compiled by Paul B. Janeczko, 2002.

Write your heart out by Rebecca McClanahan, 2001.

Writing great screenplays for film and TV by Dona Cooper, 1997.

Creative Inspiration

Creativity for Life an online journal

Creativity Portal with links, projects and creativity exercises.

30-minute rubber stamp workshop by Sandra McCall, 2002.

Anime mania : how to draw characters for Japanese animation by Christopher Hart, 2002.

Chinese brush painting step by step by Kwan Jung, 2003.

Complete potter : the complete reference to tools, materials, and techniques for all potters and ceramicists by Steve Mattison, 2003.

Creative glass : decorating glass with wire, beads, and mosaic by Dorothy Wood, 2002.

Handmade birthdays : 101 gift, cake and card ideas for ages 1 to 101, Better Homes and Gardens, 2002.

How to be creative if you never thought you could by Tera Leigh, 2003.

I can draw wild animals by Helene Leroux-Hugon, 2001.

Katie Brown decorates : 5 styles, 10 rooms, 105 projects by Katie Brown, 2002.

Make your own teddy bears & bear clothes! by Sue Mahren, 2001.

Making origami toys step by step by Michael G. LaFosse, 2002.

Michele Gerbrandt's scrapbook basics : the complete guide to preserving your memories by Michele Gerbrandt, 2002.

Paint it! : 101 ideas, designs & patterns for decorating any surface, Better Homes and Gardens, 2002.

Papermaking for the first time by Rhonda Rainey, 2002.

Quiltagami : the art of fabric folding by Mary Jo Hiney, 2002.

Reader's Digest complete drawing & sketching course : mastering lead pencils, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink, and water-soluble pencils; course developed by Stan Smith, 2001.

Stamp artist's project book : 85 projects to make and decorate by Sharilyn Miller, 2001.

Ultimate improv book : a complete guide to comedy improvisation by Edward J. Nevraumont and Nicholas P. Hanson, 2001.

Web design tools and techniques by Peter Kentie, 2002.

Wonderful wire & bead crafts by Mickey Baskett, 2002.

Program Tie-ins

Great kite book by Norman Schmidt, 1997.

How to fly a kite : a kiteflier's manual by Miller S. Makey, 1992.

Kites over New England

Mothermorphosis : a collection of personal essays about one woman's transformation into and within motherhood by Caroline De Binder, 2002.

Odds 'n' ends art by Gillian Souter, 2002.

Revolving Museum


April, 2003