English Conversation Webliography

Resources for English Conversation Circle members and volunteers, and anyone who wants to improve their English language skills.


Activities for ESL students (http://a4esl.org/) -over 1,000 quizzes, exercises and puzzles to help you study English as a Second Language.


Sion, Chris (ed.) More recipes for tired teachers : well-seasoned activities for the ESOL classroom. 428.007/Reci/Pb

Klipple, Frederike. Keep talking : communicative fluency activities for language teaching. 428.34/Klip/Pb

Wright, Andrew. Pictures for language learning. 418.007/Wrig/Pb

Wright, Andrew. Games for language learning.

Ur, Penny. Discussions that work : task-centred fluency practice. 428.34/Ur/Pb

Abraham, Paul. Contact USA : reading and vocabulary text. 428.34/Abra/Pb

Forte, Imogene. ESL active learning lessons : 15 complete content-based units to reinforce language skill concepts. 428.24/Fort/Pb

Folse, Keith S. Discussion starters : speaking fluency activities for advanced ESL/EFL students.

Hixon, Mamie Webb. Essentials of English language. On order

English language. 428.007/Engl/Pb


Como pronunciar Ingles correctamente. Cassette/428.346/Como

Il Ingles practico. Cassette/428.346/Ingl

English for Hindi speakers. Cassette/Lang/English

Inglês/English for Brazilian Portuguese speakers. Cassette/Lang/English

Ingles/English for Spanish speakers. Cassette/Lang/English

Living in English : basic skills for the adult learner. Cassette/428.24/Livi

Compact Discs

English for Hindi speakers. CD/Lang/English

English for Korean speaking people. Languages/ENGL

Ingles = English for Brazilian Portuguese speakers. CD/Lang/English

Ingles/English for Spanish speakers. CD/Lang/English


ESL: English as a second language I. VC/428.24/ESL