Google Workshop Webliography

Websites and references from the Better Searching with Google workshop.

Websites - good old Google - Froogle, Google's shopping portal - Google Catalogs - barest bones Google interface - All about those cool holiday logos and who creates them; also, click on the term "Fan Logos" on the left side to see user created versions as well.

Goofy Googling - The Google Mirror website, not affiliated with Goole, but uses Google's index in a fun (and legal) way - Google Zeitgeist - a snapshot of search activity in Google, trends, and other miscellaneous observations - A googlewhack is a set of keywords that produce one and only one result when Googled - go ahead and see if you can make one up. - Google Smackdown - pit two keywords or phrases against each other and see which one wins (that is, has the most results from the Google index)


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