February is Library Lovers' Month

Library related sites and recommendations for fun and information.


The Lipstick Librarian : "she's bold, she's sassy, she's helpful"

The Library Lover's Month from the Friends and Foundations of California Libraries

The Adventures of Conan the Librarian

Library Cats in Massachusetts to find the library nearest you with a feline resident (from www.ironfrog.com)

Library Humour from the International Federation of Library Associations

Librarians in the movies an annotated filmography


A gentle madness : bibliophiles, bibliomanes, and the eternal passion for books by Nicholas A. Basbanes (a Lowell author)

Patience and fortitude :a roving chronicle of book people, book places and book culture by Nicholas A. Basbanes

Murder at the Library of Congress by Margaret Truman

America's library : the story of the Library of Congress, 1800-2000 by James Conaway

Through a gold eagle : a Glynis Tryon mystery by Miriam Grace Monfredo

Presidential libraries and museums : an illustrated guide by Pat Hyland

Careers for bookworms and other literary types by Marjorie Eberts

Children's Books

The library by Sarah Stewart ; pictures by David Small

Library Lil by Suzanne Williams ; pictures by Steven Kellogg

Stella Louella's runaway book by Lisa Campbell Ernst

The librarian from the black lagoon by Mike Thaler

The dark secret of Weatherend by John Bellairs

Help!, I'm a prisoner in the library by Eth Clifford

How my library grew, by Dinah : stories and pictures by Martha Alexander

Meg Mackintosh and the mystery in the locked library by Lucinda Landon

The Mariah Delany lending library disaster by Sheila Greenwald


Puss in books : adventures of the library cat

Telling our stories : Massachusetts public libraries

Chelmsford Public Library : building on the past, providing for the future