True Crime Webliography

A companion webliography for our True Crime Book Group.

Discussion Titles

First meeting, Feb. 2

Stack, Andy (Ann Rule). I-5 killer. (About Randall Woodfield)

Cahill, Tim. Buried dreams : inside the mind of a serial killer. (About John Wayne Gacy)

Second meeting, Mar. 2

Gibson, Gregory. Gone boy : a walkabout. (About Wayne Lo)

Olsen, Jack. Misbegotten son : a serial killer and his victims. (About Arthur Shawcross)

Mass Murder

(True stories of cases in Massachusetts)

Walley, Craig. Murder at Mount Hermon : the unsolved killing of headmaster Elliott Speer. (1934 murder at a western Massachusetts private school)

Flook, Maria. Invisible Eden : a story of love and murder on Cape Cod. (the unsolved murder of Christa Worthington)

Sherman, Casey. A rose for Mary : the hunt for the real Boston Strangler. (investigating the dubious confessions of Albert DeSalvo)

Press, Margaret. Counterpoint : a murder in Massachusetts Bay. (the murder of artist Martha Brailsford in the waters off Salem)

Sharkey, Joe. Deadly greed : the riveting story of the Stuart murder case that rocked Boston and shocked the nation. (a man murders his pregnant wife, then makes up a story about a black assailant)

Infamous Murders

Brown, Arnold R. Lizzie Borden : the legend, the truth, the final chapter.

Cornwell, Patricia. Portrait of a killer : Jack the Ripper - case closed. (the fiction author's analysis of the evidence and arguable conclusions)

Fuhrman, Mark. Murder in Brentwood. (Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman murders)

Lee, Henry. Famous crimes revisited : from Sacco-Vanzetti to O.J. Simpson. (well known forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee reviews several of America's most famous crimes)

Moose, Charles A. Three weeks in October : the manhunt for the serial sniper. (the Washington sniper case, by the police chief leading the investigation)

Reichert, David. Chasing the devil : my twenty-year quest to capture the Green River Killer. (by one sherriff who hunted him)

Many titles by Ann Rule

Solving the Crimes

Baden, Michael. Dead reckoning : the new science of catching killers.

Beaven, Colin. Fingerprints : the origins of crime detection and the murder case that launched forensic science.

DeNevi, Don. Into the minds of madmen : how the FBI's behavioral science unit revolutionized crime investigation.

Lee, Henry. Cracking more cases : the forensic science of solving crimes. (Dr. Henry Lee examines the cases of Martha Moxley, Jon Benet Ramsay and three others)

True Crime on Film

Murder in the First

The Hurricane

Erin Brockovich

A Civil Action


The FBI's Handbook of Forensic Services (in pdf format)

Forensic Anthropology Center at the University of Tennessee, otherwise known as the Body Farm

Serial Killer Art : Murderabilia by Katherine Ramsland

Serial Killers on Court TV's Crime Library

Tortured Artists an article from the Lawrence Eagle Tribune on our True Crime Book Group volunteer, John Olszewski's, correspondence with notorious serial killers.