Winter Holiday Webliography

A little holiday fun on the 'net!


Chanukah on the Net

Virtual Chanukah

Chanukah Time at Kid's Domain

Make a Dreidel : simple directions to make your own and play the game

Secret of the Dreidel : origin of the dreidel and it's symbols


Christmas Countdown : for those who need to know exactly how many minutes until Christmas!

Christmas on the Net

How Christmas Works : from the How Stuff Works website

Christmas in Cyberspace : the Christian perspective - you won't find Santa here

Santa Track : NASA is once again tracking Santa Claus's activity at the North Pole - see what he's up to, and be sure to check back on Christmas Eve to follow his sleigh ride around the world.


Official Kwanzaa Website : by the creator of Kwanzaa, Dr. Maulana Karenga

Happy Kwanzaa from Kid's Domain

Kwanzaa on the Net

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Chanukah Christmas Kwanzaa

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