Library Tech Tools

This page is a collection technology tools available from the library and free on the internet, that can help make interacting with the library easier for you.

Email & Messaging
Chelmsford Public Library Library Email Notification - The Library would prefer to contact you via email (instead of by telephone) when you have something on hold or overdue. If you have not already, please update your account for email notification (log in with your library barcode and PIN)
Library Elf - This is a company that lets you manage multiple library cards from a single account. You create an account with them, then add the library barcodes and PINs of the library cards you wish to manage, and LibraryElf will email you when books are due, overdue, ready to be picked up, etc. Use their website to sign up (be sure that "Merrimack Valley Library Consortium" is selected in the libraries list)
EmailMe Bookmarklet from Enlisting! "EmailThis!" Bookmarklet [def] - This email function is a little different - it lets you easily send email messages to yourself. After you add their bookmarklet to your toolbar, anytime you find a webpage, catalog record, or product you'd like to share or remember, just click the bookmarklet and you can easily email a link to anyone (including yourself!)

Book Lists
Chelmsford Public Library The Library does not keep track of the books you check out. This is to protect the privacy of our patrons. However, within our catalog, you can choose to can create lists of books using your account's Bookbag feature. When using the catalog, login with your barcode and Password/PIN. Then, when searching the catalog, you can add books to your Bookbag by clicking "More Actions" dropdown box at the top right of every item details page, and selecting a bookbag under "Add to bookbag" (if you don't already have a bookbag created, select the "Create a bookbag" option to name a new bookbag). To review your Bookbag(s), click the "My Account" link then click on the "My Bookbags" tag on the right
LibraryThing - This website lets readers easily keep track of the books they read. LibraryThing accounts contain as much or as little personal information as you want, is very easy to add books to, and nicely displays and shares your reading list online
Add to LibraryThing Bookmarklet from Amazon Add to LibraryThing Bookmarklet [def] - Automatically add books to your LibraryThing account just by searching in and clicking this bookmarklet. To add it, just click and drag this link up into your browser's shortcut or bookmarks toolbar
goodreads - Designed to connect people through the books they read. Users can set up various reading lists for themselves, as well as see what their friends are reading, meet new people, and get reading suggestions from people with similar reading tastes

Chelmsford Public Library Search the Catalog - The Chelmsford Library is a part of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC), a group of 35+ area libraries that freely shares materials. You can limit your search just to Chelmsford, or search the entire consortium and request another library's item be delivered to Chelmsford Search the World - The website allows you to search for an item (book, movie, etc), and then see what libraries close to you own it (based on a zip code you enter).
Download Digital Audio Books from Overdrive Download Digital Audio Books - As part of the MVLC, Chelmsford Library patrons can search for and download audio books in digital format. Listen to them on your computer, transfer them to an mp3 player, or burn them to CDs - all without leaving your home.
Search Chelmsford Public Library from Amazon Amazon "Search the MVLC" link - Places a search link and CPL logo on every Amazon book details page, which lets patrons automatically search for that ISBN in the library catalog (see what this looks like). This Greasemonkey script [def] (click to download) requires the Firefox browser and the Greasemonkey plugin.