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What is Sharon reading?

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi there!  My name is Tricia and I’m the new Teen Services Librarian here at the Chelmsford Public Library.  I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to be a librarian (especially one who works with teens) and to be working in a library like CPL.  I work for you, so please, feel free to approach me whenever you have a question, need help, or just want to chat.

As a slightly more interesting way to introduce myself I’ve decided to share the following Top 5 lists:

My Favorite Teen Titles:

How I Spend My Weekends:

  • Baking pies (I’ve finally mastered my own pie crust)
  • Learning how to knit something other than a scarf
  • Running (albeit very slowly)
  • Playing Scrabble
  • Watching movies (lots and lots of movies)

My Favorite Places to Read:

  • On the train
  • In the reading rooms of old libraries
  • On the beach
  • Curled up on my couch
  • At the laundromat

Feel free to leave your own Top 5 lists in the comments!

~Tricia (aka cplteenlibrarian) is currently reading The Spell Book of Listen Taylor and A Prayer for Owen Meany.  What are you reading?

1 comment to Please allow me to introduce myself…

  • Pink Lemonade

    My favorite series:
    The Clique
    Harry Potter
    Dead (Marlene Perez)
    The last apprentice
    The Gallagher girls (as it has come to be known)

    What I like to do on my weekends:
    Watch movies
    Go to the library (and say hi to Tricia if she’s there)
    Think of ways to re-organize my room (although most of the time it just stays the way it is

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