Who is Sharon?

Sharon Colvin is the Teen Librarian here in Chelmsford. Come visit here in the library, email her at scolvin@mvlc.org or find her on Facebook.

What is Sharon reading?

Ancient Civilization Resources

Do you need help getting started?  Check out these tips.

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Useful Library Databases

World History in ContextHome Page or Browse Subjects

Student Resources in Context — Home Page or Browse Subjects

Kids InfoBits — Home Page or Browse Subjects

Biography in Context — Home Page or Browse Ancient Greeks & Romans

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Internet Resources 

General Research Websites (Google but better)

 Lists of useful websites

Awesome Library resources on Ancient Civilizations

Ancient & Classic Cultures – Multnomah County Library

ThinkQuest Ancient History resources

Best Ancient History Sites

Informational websites

PBS Ancient History

Ancient Civilizations on the History Channel

Discovery Channel History Guide

The Food Timeline

BBC Ancient History

Odyssey Ancient Civilizations

NOVA Ancient Worlds

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Cleopatra — A multimedia Guide to the Ancient World

British Museum Ancient Egypt

British Museum Ancient Greece

British Museum Ancient India

British Museum Ancient China

Carnegie Museum, Life in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egypt Site