Who is Sharon?

Sharon Colvin is the Teen Librarian here in Chelmsford. Come visit here in the library, email her at scolvin@mvlc.org or find her on Facebook.

What is Sharon reading?

Raven Summer by David Almond

How smitten am I with David Almond’s books?

Let’s see…

1. I drove to a children’s literature conference in Toronto for an opportunity to hear him speak.

2. I will read everything he publishes.

3. He is tied with Roald Dahl in the standings for my favorite children’s author.

4. I have very high expectations [...]

Book 2 — 48 Hour Book Challenge

Finished Book 2 (and all my necessary chores/errands for the day) and am about halfway through Book 3.

Here’s the 5 things I loved about Raven Summer by David Almond (a.k.a. Book 2):

1. Powerful family dynamics, involving supportive parents and an imaginative teen.

2. Beautiful depictions of damaged teens who are never defined [...]