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What is Sharon reading?

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Teen-aged Jenna is smart, pretty and popular. What her friends and boyfriend don’t know is that Jenna used to be Jennifer–a shy, overweight, picked-on child with a soul mate who disappeared. Jenna’s past and present converge when Cameron, her one true friend, abruptly re-enters her life.

After being so intensely affected by Sara Zarr’s newest […]

48 Hour Book Challenge — Book 5

5 things I loved about Book 5 — Sweethearts by Sara Zarr:

1. Jennifer/Jenna– a young girl/woman becoming aware of her own bravery and strength.

2. Jenna and Cameron’s indescribable friendship–borne out of hardship and love.

3. Cameron’s honesty and his ability to truly understand Jenna.

4. Favorite scene: two people sharing the quiet […]