2.6 Children’s Services

The Chelmsford Public Library welcomes parents and children and hopes that they will find the library warm, inviting, educational and fun. The Children’s Room is intended for the use of young people from birth to age 18, parents, teachers, and students who require children’s materials. Everyone is welcome to browse or look for a book, but seating in the Children’s Room is limited to young people and their accompanying adults, teachers, and students only. Adults unaccompanied by a young person or not actively using children’s materials should use the collection and facilities outside of the Children’s Room.

When children use the library, the staff is there to assist but not to act “in loco parentis” (in place of a parent). Children who are 8 years of age and over may stay in the children’s room of the Main Library unattended if there is a responsible relative, legal guardian, babysitter, or sibling of at least 14 years of age in the main part of the library who acknowledges responsibility for the child, during their entire stay.  Children ages 4-8 may be left at library programs if the responsible person remains in the building.

Children are expected to follow appropriate library behavior (Policy 2.5) as it pertains to noise, behavior, and food. Children are especially cautioned to walk at all times. Hide and Seek, tag, and similar games are not allowed.

The Children’s Room has several computers that provide Internet access. These computers have filtering software (Policy 2.9) installed on them. Although filtering decreases the possibility that users will encounter dangerous, offensive, or adult-themed websites, the software is not perfect and parents need to supervise children’s use.

Please introduce your child to staff members and assure them we will help them with selecting books, getting resources for homework, providing programs and assisting them with any difficulties while visiting the library.

Your cooperation with our efforts to maintain a pleasant and safe environment for all who visit the library is greatly appreciated.

Approved, Library Board of Trustees, July 2016

Updated, Library Board of Trustees, April 2018