Annual Apple Pie Contest: Nov. 3rd, 2019

The leaves have turned, the smell of woodsmoke is in the air, and there’s a pleasant chill in the evening. It all means that it’s time for pie!

The Annual Apple Pie Contest was held on Sunday, November 3rd, from 1 – 4 PM!
15 beautiful pies were submitted and the competition was stiff. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to all the winners! A special thanks to the Friends of the Library who host this every year!

2019 First Place Winner Scott Dreher First Place
Scott Dreher2019 First Place Recipe
2019 Second Place winner, Erin Cox Second Place
Erin Cox2019 Second Place Recipe
2019 Third Place Winner Jill Candlen Third Place
Jill Candlen2019 Third Place Recipe
2019 People's Choice award winner, Tony Blank People’s Choice Award
Tony Blank2019 Peoples Choice Recipe

Here are the rules:
Pies are to be homemade, with that famous homemade double crust. Filling is to be just apples (no raisins, cranberries, etc.) and the recipe must include the type of apple(s) used a.k.a. your winning combination! Contestants must pre-register online and prepare a printed copy of your recipe to submit with the pie, or submit your recipe in advance via email to Jessica at Pies must be brought to the library on the day of the contest (Sunday November 3) by 1:30 pm for judging.

The Judges & The Prize
We’ll have some top-notch judges on hand to really dig in and evaluate these tasty treats:

  • Chris Morris is the Boston Globe’s Food and Travel Editor
  • Sarah Ludwig runs Humble Crumb Bakery
  • Lisa Daigle is a Library Trustee and writes for Local Food Journal and about small craft breweries
  • Becky Herrmann is the library director who never passes up a chance to eat or bake pie – whether it is at a Pie Institute at Smoke Signals Bakery in North Carolina or baking artisan pies with the folks at the King Arthur Baking School

Read all about last years’ winners to get some tips on what might please our discerning judges! At stake is a $50 gift card for Kitchen Oufitters in Acton!

Public Welcome!
Pie lovers are welcome to come and feast on the hard work of others (plus donuts and cider) once the judging is complete, beginning around 2:30 pm! Visit for a full contest schedule and details.