April Teen Programming Roundup

At the MIC (Make It! Club) we prepped for Mother’s Day by holding a DIY-Fest where we made embroidered cards and mint chocolate lotion bars! Lotion bars look just like bars of soap, and you use them the same way, too. Just rub the bar between your hands and then rub in the lotion! The bars we made were made with equal parts cocoa butter, coconut oil, and soy wax. These three products are great for your skin, and they smell great, too! Then, teens could choose how much peppermint oil to add. Melt together in the microwave, and then pour into cupcake liners in a standard-sized muffin tin! Let them harden for a day, and then they’ll be ready to use!

Making embroidered cards at home also couldn’t be easier. All you need is a blank card, a pencil, a needle, and embroidery floss. Then, draw a picture or write whatever you like! Next, poke holes all along the outline of your drawing about 1/8 of an inch apart from each other. Erase your lines, and now you’re ready to start sewing! Thread your needle, and sew through the holes you created to make a colorful thread outline.


We also held our first meeting of the Anime Club at the library! We played Anime Candy Pictionary, ate Pocky,  and watched episodes of Bleach and Gunslinger Girl. Next month, we’ll be holding Anime Club in the afternoon, and then Anime After Dark for older teens and adults in the evening!


We also held two sessions of Candy Craft Wars, where teens competed to see who could make the best creation out of candy and craft supplies. There were some amazing (and delicious-looking) creations, and it was almost impossible for our teen judges to pick only three winners!



Last, we held our 33rd Annual Intergenerational Poetry Slam, where 21 poets shared their original poetry with a packed audience. Fifth-grader Diya read a poem about finding happiness, and Ranjana read Poppy Cat and her Special Hat, a poem that told a story about a feline thief. 12-year-old student Chloe read her original work titled Generation Z, a poem about being a teenager in today’s society and the struggle to make your voice heard.


Don’t worry if you missed us in April! The MIC meets every month at both the MacKay Branch and the Main Library. In May, we’ll be making s’mores parfaits with chocolate pudding, marshmallow cream, chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Gluten free and gelatin free options will be provided. No need to register, so drop in and join us! We’ll be at MacKay on Wednesday, May 3rd and at the Main Library on Thursday, May 25th at 4:00 PM. See you there!