Awesome YA Webcomics You Can Binge Read Today!

Are you running out of reading material while you can’t get to the library? Is everything you want to read on OverDrive checked out? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with some of our favorite webcomic recommendations for teens. Check these out by visiting their websites linked below!


Agents of the Realm — Mildred Louis Agents of the Realm, by Mildred Louis

Shortly after starting their first year at Silvermount University, five young women discover they’ve each been chosen to protect our world and a newly discovered sister dimension. Volume 1 begins at the start of their first year of college as they learn about this new responsibility and try to find out exactly what’s going on. Join Norah, Adele, Kendall, Paige, and Jordan as they navigate the complexities of college and discover that they have more strength than they’ve ever imagine. (Recommended for grades 9+) As the Crow Flies (9781945820069): Gillman, Melanie: Books As the Crow Flies, by Melanie Gillman

A story about Charlie—a queer, Black 13 year old girl who finds herself stranded in a dangerous place: an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp. The graphic novel version of this webcomic was published in 2017 by Iron Circus Comics, and was named a Stonewall Honor Book by the American Library Association in 2018. (Recommended for grades 6+)

240 Free Avas Demon music playlists | 8tracks radio Ava’s Demon, by Michelle Czajkowski

Follow Ava Ire, a young girl tormented by a demon who seems to be determined to ruin her life. However, the demon has much more history than Ava thinks. (Recommended for grades 8+)

Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting on the News that Matters to Cats ... Breaking Cat News, by Georgia Dunn

Breaking Cat News is a webcomic drawn and written by illustrator Georgia Dunn, based on her real cats Elvis, Puck, and Lupin. Who is Georgia Dunn? What are these cats like in real life? How did they come to live with her? Is Puck missing a leg or did Georgia just forget to draw it? (Recommended for grades 5+) Check, Please! Book 1: # Hockey (9781250177957): Ukazu ... Check Please, by Ngozi Ukazu

Eric Bittle—former Georgia junior figure skating champion, vlogger extraordinaire, and amateur pâtissier—is starting his freshman year playing hockey at the prestigious Samwell University in Samwell, Massachusetts. And it’s basically nothing like co-ed club hockey back in the South. For one? There’s checking. It’s a story about hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best 4 years of your life. (Recommended for grades 9+)

Cucumber Quest: The Doughnut Kingdom: D.G., Gigi: 9781626728325 ... Cucumber Quest, by Gigi D.G.

A comic about bunny kids going on adventures and having fun. (Recommended for grades 5+)

Everblue | The Digital Ink Critique Everblue, by Michael Sexton and Ines M. Bravo

In a world of endless ocean, a young shipwright named Luna meets an odd and cheerful drifter when he crashes his flying boat on her city’s dock. When strange circumstances force Luna to leave her home, her once quiet life quickly takes a turn for the unpredictable. In an instant she is swept up in an adventure that will take her beyond the bounds of the charted world and into the Everblue, following the path of an ancient legend with the potential to change the world forever. (Recommended for grades 7+)

Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 5: Refine - (EU) Comics by comiXology Gunnerkrigg Court, by Tom Siddell

Tells the story of Antimony Carver, a young girl who has just started attending a school at a strange and mysterious place called Gunnerkrigg Court, and the events that unfold around her as she becomes embroiled in political intrigues between Gunnerkrigg Court and the inhabitants of the Gillitie Wood, a forest outside the school. (Recommended for grades 6+)

Homestuck - Wikipedia Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie

This webcomic centers on a group of teenagers who unwittingly bring about the end of the world through the installation of a beta copy of an upcoming computer game. The comic consists of a combination of static images and instant message logs, as well as animations and games. (Recommended for grades 11+) Strong Female Protagonist eBook: Mulligan, Brennan Lee ... Strong Female Protagonist, by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag

With superstrength and invulnerability, Alison Green used to be one of the most powerful superheroes around. Fighting crime with other teenagers under the alter ego Mega Girl was fun until an encounter with Menace, her mind reading arch enemy. He showed her evidence of a sinister conspiracy, and suddenly battling giant robots didn’t seem so important. Now Alison is going to college and trying to find ways to help the world while still getting to class on time. It’s impossible to escape the past, however, and everyone has their own idea of what it means to be a hero. (Recommended for grades 7+)

Unsounded | Webcomic Wiki | Fandom Unsounded, by Ashley Cope

Some dead men tell tales, and some little girls have tails. Daughter of the Lord of Thieves, Sette Frummagem is on a mission, and she’ll lie, cheat, and steal to make sure it’s a success (she’ll lie, cheat, and steal anyway). Condemned to aid her in her rotten endeavours is a rotten corpse who seems oddly talented with the supernatural, and oddly not laying motionless in the dirt. The road is long and no one is what they seem. Never trust a thief, and never trust anyone who won’t let you look into their eyes. (Recommended for grades 11+) The Wormworld Saga Vol. 1: The Journey Begins ... Wormworld Saga, by Daniel Lieske

A young boy finds a magic painting that transports him into another world. (Recommended for grades 5+)