Baby Storytime, 0 – 12 months, Friday, April 1

During Baby Storytime today, as I always do, I talked a bit about reading daily to your baby.  This can sometimes prove harder than it sounds when your baby seems to show no interest in sitting still to hear even a short story.  Don’t give up!  Continue to try to read at sometime during the day, everyday.  Hearing your voice, interacting with books and being exposed to the joy of reading will all serve your baby well in the future.  Singing and talking are also other ways for your baby to hear language, which is a good thing!

One of my own children was a baby who could not sit still to listen to a story.  (As a teenager now, he is an avid reader, never traveling anywhere without a book!)  When he was a baby, one of our favorite books was Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.  On one of his first trips to the zoo, we put the book in our bag and while looking at a giraffe at the zoo, his father took out the book and turned to the giraffe page and made a text to life connection, pointing to the giraffe in the book and the real giraffe at the zoo.  The book remains a favorite and we all got to read it at storytime today!

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