Baby Storytime, Friday, March 25, 0-12 month olds

Today we continued discussing the importance and benefits of reading to your babies everyday!  Some great questions came up such as “My baby prefers to ‘eat’ the book and not really read it with me.  What should I do? and “My baby always tries to turn back to the beginning when we are in the middle of the story.  Is that okay?”  At this young age, it is important for your babies to become familiar and comfortable with books.  Handling the books, turning the pages and knowing that the books are something that is okay for the babies to explore is wonderful.  It is suggested that you have some board books available around your home for your baby to interact with, both with you and alone.  As the baby grows and develops, he or she should be able to attend to the actual story.  At this time, for younger babies, it is important for them to be exposed to the sound of words, songs and rhymes.  Some people do this through stories and others sing or do finger plays.  The important thing is for you baby to hear words, sounds, rhymes, repetitions and language.

We read another lovely book today about a boy and a bear who rhymes while having adventures with different kinds of berries.

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