Baby Storytime, Friday, October 14, 0-12 month olds

We gathered today for Baby Storytime in the Children’s Room. It was a spirited time together. We spoke a bit about the importance of reading daily to your baby. I suggested “lap sitting” as a way to be when you read. This would be with your baby in your lap so that you are both experiencing the book in the same way. The baby begins to be exposed to the cover and back of the back and explores the way the pages turn. All of these ideas are called the Concepts of Print and these developing skills will serve your baby well as he or she continues to grow and develop and gain literacy skills.

We read Counting Kisses together today. Unfortunately, during storytime we did not stop and kiss the babies on each page but I encourage everyone to read the book at home and include the kissing part!  As you might know, we have lots of different board books to borrow to read together at home.

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