Baby Storytime, Friday, October 28

Baby Storytime today was filled with great joy and happiness!  We sang Happy 1st Birthday to two of our friends, heard about babies sleeping through the night, trying food for the first time, rolling over, teething, and so much more!

I talked a lot today about the importance of working hard to try to read daily with your baby.  You should find a time during the day that works well for both you and the baby.  For some people that time is right before bed.  For others, after a nap might be a good time or after waking up in the morning.  In addition, we talked about having books around your home that your baby will have access to, so that he or she can explore the books on his/her own time.  You want babies to feel comfortable around books in order to help their love of literacy develop.

Image of itemWe read another favorite today by Sandra Boynton.  Come into the library to check out other Sandra Boynton books that will leave you with a smile on your face!