Book for Toddlers on Friday, November 27

When I subbed for Deborah this morning at baby storytime, I followed the songs and rhymes she has been using recently.  When I subbed for the toddler group, however, I used the songs and rhymes I’ve been using on Monday mornings.  We had a smaller group than usual, but we had some family members come for the first time to experience the fun.

Image of itemI always wonder if this book will work its magic when I read it at a toddler storytime.  I know it will be fun with preschoolers, but it is very long for toddlers.  Once again, it held their interest.  It is more than 75 years old (caps only cost 50 cents way back then), but children continue to love this story about a man who loses his caps to a tree full of monkeys.

Children love listening to the book, and grownups love reading it.  As the children will teach the grownups soon enough, “monkey see, monkey do.”

Since modeling behavior is so important, thank you all for bringing your children to storytime and sharing your love of reading with them here and at home.  ~Maureen