Book for Toddlers on Monday, December 7

Last night, December 6, was the first night of Chanukah  The holiday lasts for 8 nights, so I chose a story about good behavior during this time of year.

Image of itemMany children are familiar with Jane Yolen’s series about dinosaurs: How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? and How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food for example.  I read How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? today.   As always, we have to guess if the dinosaurs are behaving badly.  We learn a little about the festivities during Chanukah and learn that the dinosaurs love the holiday and behave very well.

Many Chanukah books serve to explain the holiday to people who are not Jewish.  This book celebrates the festivities.


P.S.  Because the ch sound is closer to h in the English language, many people spell it Hanukkah. Perhaps it’s best to think of the sound of ch at the end of Johann Bach’s name.