Books for 4-6 year olds on Tuesday, April 26

Image of itemSilly books are always popular with this preschool group!  We had lots of fun with this story, which involved some birds who don’t want to speak “properly”!  Instead they express themselves in all manner of nonsensical ways, which led to much laughter.  There’s also a bit of a message to this book, but it’s pleasantly subtle.  Just enjoy the ride!


Image of itemCaps For Sale is an old story, but one that is still greatly enjoyed.  It’s about a peddler, his caps, and some very naughty monkeys.  I had help with this story, since there were many little monkeys in my audience!  Afterwards, we colored caps just like the ones in the story, and next week we’ll have lots of colorful caps with which to act out this tale.  Everyone can sympathize with the peddler’s frustration as he tries to retrieve his caps.  Ask your child how the peddler tricked the monkeys and finally got his caps back!