Books for 4-6 year olds on Tuesday, April 5

Image of itemYesterday we had snow!  Though not unheard of, it’s a bit of a surprise in April….which made me think of this story.  The author uses lovely metaphors to describe the different ways we might think of snow, and beautiful paintings remind us of the wonder of a snow-covered landscape.  But we will still be glad when spring finally arrives!



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From winter’s snow we moved on to spring’s rain.  This poetic story gave us many descriptive words for a spring thunderstorm!  Rain is “….streaming, gushing, racing, rushing…..dripping, dropping.  Never stopping.”  Large-format woodcut illustrations complemented the expressive text and drew us into the scene,  completely engaging the group.  We could almost hear the rain on the roof!



Image of itemOur next story was a silly one, though some kids were a little scared when they saw that the book was about monsters.  They quickly realized, though, that this story is about being in charge of the monsters and telling them what to do!  That made it much more fun, and colorful, engaging illustrations showed us the amusing side of monsters.


Image of itemFinally, by popular demand, we once again read the silliest book EVER!  If you want to hear howls of laughter from your audience, I highly recommend this title.  Any story that involves adults saying silly things and making silly sounds is guaranteed to be a hit.  No pictures, no deep message….just plain fun!