Books for 4-6 year olds on Tuesday, May 3

Image of itemThe Typewriter is a brand-new book by Bill Thomson, known for his amazingly realistic illustrations.  We enjoyed telling the story of this wordless book, though I had to spend a lot of time explaining what a typewriter was and how it worked!  Everyone was fascinated by the mechanics of this antique “printer”!  The typewriter in the story had some magic powers, too, which made it even more fun.


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Another new book in our collection is More Caps For Sale, another adventure with our intrepid peddler and his posse of naughty  monkeys.  We re-read Caps For Sale, and then the new story, so we could compare.  Then we voted on which story we liked best– and the new one was the clear winner!  But I’m pretty sure that any story with mischievous monkeys will always be a hit.