Books for 4-6 year olds on Tuesday, October 25

It’s almost Halloween, a day that’s a favorite with kids and grownups alike!  There are so many funny and/or slightly scary picture books about Halloween that it’s hard to choose what to read.  Today these were the ones we enjoyed:

Image of itemFarmer Brown doesn’t like Halloween, but the animals in his barn sure do!  Farmer Brown hides in his house; but he still hears lots of scary noises that he can’t identify.  What’s really going on?  Read the story to find out!



Image of itemFarm stands all over New England are piled high with pumpkins!   Soon we’ll be making pie with them, but for Halloween they turn into pumpkin heads!  This story showed us jack o’lanterns of all shapes and sizes.  Simple text highlights the large, realistic painted illustrations.



Image of itemOur next story told the tale of a little old lady who had an unusual experience on her walk home on a dark and windy night.  This story is a little bit scary, but it involves a lot of fun repetition, and all is happily resolved at the end.



Image of itemOur last story had lots of flaps to lift, and depending on which way we lifted (left, right, up, or down) we either found something nice or nasty in the witch’s kitchen.  Would you rather eat biscuits and cake, or spiders and snakes?  You never know what you’ll find in the witch’s kitchen!  Happy Halloween to all!