Books for 4-6 year olds on Tuesday October 4

Image of itemA is for….all things apple!  It’s apple-picking and -eating time, and all of our stories today had something to do with apples of every description.  Our first story is an alphabet book that  tells its tale in spare text; but the illustrations are so expressive that not many words are needed.  Will Dog finally get his paws on an apple-pie treat?  Read the story to find out!


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Annie the apple farmer has a beautiful orchard, and works hard to grow her apples.  She sells them at the farmers’ market, and also makes cider, applesauce, and more with them.  Simple text and colorful illustrations capture what’s special about the “common” apple.



Image of itemOur last story follows the “life cycle” of an apple as it’s picked off the tree, taken to market and enjoyed.  What happens to the seeds of that apple?  Birds play a part, and so do sun, wind, and time.  It all comes back around to the apple!