Books for Preschool on Monday, April 13

Image of itemThe May session of Dads and Donuts will be a special occassion, so I want everyone to be aware of the festivities.  (see last Saturday’s post)  The highlight of the festivities will be a race of rubber duckies, so we read Duck at the Door.
“It’s the middle of the night,” said Irene.  “Who could be knocking on our door?”  Several children guessed the answer – it was a duck.  I think it helped that they listened to the title when I began.

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We had previously read How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?, so the children were familiar with dinosaurs acting badly – or not.  Spoiler alert:  the dinosaurs are actually very polite at the end.

I read this book since repetition is very important, and for the fact that a child told me he was wearing a dinosaur shirt before storytime began.  😉

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From many countries, spanning 1000 years, these are short poems from some of history’s most famous poets.
Today I shared one from Lord Byron.  I wrote it on a white board and we solved “A Riddle, On the Letter E”  Here is the poem. Can you solve the riddle?

The beginning of eternity, the end of time and space,
The beginning of every end, and the end of every place.

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I never explained to the children that Yeti is also known as the Abominable Snowman.  The illustrations make him look a bit like a shaggy dog.  This is a story of friendship that transforms the forest.


Image of itemOpening lines:  “This hat is not mine.  I just stole it.”  Can we, as adults, console ourselves with the fact that this minnow is not a liar – just a thief?
Some misperceptions follow the theft; it looks as though the little fish got away with the theft, but then….  There is a lot to see and to like in these spare illustrations.