Books for Preschoolers on Monday, December 14

We had more preschool children than toddlers this week, which is a good thing.  This storytime is designed for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old, but very often young siblings are in the room.  If the attention span of too many of the children is very limited, I don’t read the books I had planned.

This week I read long stories.

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The dinosaurs were familiar after reading about their behavior at Chanukah last week.  I am happy to report they are still on their best behavior.
I read the Night Before Christmas – perhaps for the parents and grandparents.  I’m not sure young children enjoy this poem, but as you grow older if brings back great memories.  I think it bridges many generations.
What Can I Give Him? is based on a poem by Christina Rossetti.  Each 2 page spread shows a contemporary family and a family from 2000 years ago.  We cross the 2 millennia when we respond to that question.
Finally we follow a very matter-of-fact boy named Kevin.  “Hi, I am Kevin.  We have a tree at my house.  But it is not outside; it is inside the house.”  Kevin narrates his days leading up to Christmas.

We will not meet for storytimes on Mondays until January 25!  I hope to see many of you during your visits to the library before then.  We will offer Dance Parties on Tuesday January 5, 12 and 19 at 10:00 am.  Come to sing and dance to traditional songs like the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey.

Happy New Year to all those I will not see again before January.