Books for preschoolers on Monday, November 16

We’re getting close to Thanksgiving. Children are not as excited about this holiday, but I use it as an excuse to talk about manners.  Perhaps the grownups are thankful for that.  🙂

Thanks a Million is a collection of poems by Nikki Grimes.

Image of itemOne of the poems is A Lesson from the Deaf.  It teaches children how to use sign language to express thanks.  I discussed the differences in how signs are used in my previous post, so I’ll simply say that starting with your open hand on your chin/lips and extending it toward the person you are thanking is universally recognized as a way of expressing thanks.  Please is easier for little ones.  Just put your palm on your chest and move it in a circle.

Image of itemGobble Gobble is a story about wild turkeys in a neighborhood.  Chelmsford has quite a few wild turkey families, so I thought the children may be familiar with them.  These are not the kind that are eaten at Thanksgiving.

It is important to stay away from them when you see them, however – especially if you get between the mother and the babies.

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This was another book of poems.  I chose 2 historic ones to share.
The first one is The Mayflower and the second one is The First Thanksgiving.

They are so short, I can share one here.


The Mayflower
Over the water and over the waves
Sailing and sailing for many days

In a big, big ship
On a long, long trip

Were the people who came to America.

Onto the land and onto their knees
Thanks for bringing us over the seas

In a big, big ship
On a long, long trip

Said the people who came to America.

My other 2 books had nothing to do with Thanksgiving.  One book was about the magical life of sea creatures – presented by “Squid Kid the Magnificent”.  The last book was simply fun to read and act.

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