Books for Preschoolers on Monday, October 6

This was only the 2nd week of storytime, so families were still trying different days, times and age groups to see which ones work best for their children.   Last week we had many very young children who would have done well in the toddler storytime.  This week’s preschool group was much smaller, and the children were older, so we concentrated on reading more stories.

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The Scaredy Squirrel was afraid of many things, some sensible and some not so much.  We liked an amazing ability he had, that he would not have found without something scary happening to him.

The Apple Pie Tree tells the life cycle of an apple tree, concentrating on the apples – the best part of an apple pie.

Tap the Magic Tree is a terrific book to share with one child or a small group.  It is very interactive, and magical things happen when children tap the pages.

Matilda’s Cat is a bit of a mystery.  What does Matilda’s cat like best? What are the things that Matilda likes best – when she is dressed in a cat costume?

I’m as Quick as a Cricket is a bit long to read for the 5th book in a storytime, but these children kept asking for more stories.