Books for Preschoolers on Wednesday, December 9

This Wednesday’s storytimes featured books and songs about making messes and cleaning up. You can click on each cover below to find these books in the library catalog.

Image of item We began with Dog’s Colorful Day. Dog is a white dog with a black spot on one ear. But in the course of a day he gets new spots of all different colors all over his white coat: a red splotch of jam, a gray splash of mud, a blue dab of paint, and more. A bath in the evening brings his coat back to its usual bright white.






Image of item Mucky Duck loves to get dirty! She cooks up a storm and gets covered in flour, then gets splattered with mud while she stars on the soccer field. She doesn’t love getting clean again, but that’s okay because she never stays that way for long.




Image of itemThe Hempels are a messy family, and most of the time that’s just fine. But when they want to bake a cake and can’t find the whisk, they have no choice but to clean their kitchen. The book invites readers to decide where various objects should go as the Hempels clean their house and put everything away. Will they find the whisk in the midst of all the mess?






Image of item A hungry mouse prowls around the kitchen for a snack while everyone else in the house is sleeping. He finds plenty of delicious things to eat, but leaves an enormous mess behind him.