Books for Preschoolers on Wednesday, February 10

Roses are red,
Kids like to play.
We read mail-themed stories
for Valentine’s Day!

Image of itemHi is the story of Margarita’s trip to the post office. She has a cheerful greeting for everyone she sees, but they’re all too busy to notice. All Margarita wants is for someone to say “Hi!” back to her.

Image of itemSend It! follows a package all the way from the sender to the recipient. The box travels by truck, boat, train, plane, and even forklift to get to its destination. This is a fun twist for kids who love books about vehicles.
Image of itemA little girl misses someone so much that she wraps herself like a package and sends herself through the mail. I Miss You Every Day doesn’t say who the girl is missing–who do you think she loves enough to take that long, bumpy journey in a cardboard box?
The postman’s work takes him all over town. From the workers at a construction site to the kids at the local pool, he knows everyone in the community and greets them all with a smile.
Image of itemThis lift-the-flap book follows a valentine as it travels from a boy to his friend. Readers lift the flaps to find the valentine hiding in the mailbox, the postal worker’s bag, his truck, and more.
Image of itemNo storytime about the postal system would be complete without mentioning The Jolly Postman. We didn’t read this classic in storytime because it doesn’t lend itself well to a large group, but it follows the postman as he delivers letters to famous fairy tale characters, including Cinderella, the Three Bears, and the Big Bad Wolf. Each letter can be taken out of its envelope, then tucked back into the book after you read it. Click on the cover to find The Jolly Postman in the library’s catalog. It’s one of those books that becomes an instant family favorite.