Books for Preschoolers on Wednesday, February 3

The theme of today’s preschool storytime was “Up and Down.” We read books about things in the sky, things underground, and a few things in between. You can click on each book cover to find these titles in our catalog.

Image of itemOver and Under the Snow follows a girl’s ski adventure with her father. They see several animals on their journey, and they discuss the variety of species hiding underground in the winter.

Image of item“We go down/To go uptown.” So begins Subway, the story of a girl’s uptown ride on a subway deep underground. This rhyming book has a rhythm that mimics the bump and sway of a subway train.

Image of itemI Love Planes! isn’t just about planes. It includes hot air balloons, helicopters, rockets, and several of the other vehicles humans use to soar through the sky.

Image of itemThis innovative book follows a family’s long car trip from their home, through the countryside, to a big city. Then they turn around and drive home again. When the family turns around, the reader must turn the book upside down and read it again from back to front. Each of the illustrations looks like something new when the book is inverted. If you enjoyed this clever book in storytime, You may also enjoy Reflections, a book by the same author which features the same concept.

Image of item“Sometimes it looked like spilt milk. But it wasn’t spilt milk…” Sometimes it looked like a lot of other things. But what was it really? Everyone in storytime had fun shouting out what “it” looked like in the illustrations, and guessing what “it” would be in the end. Check out this book to find out for yourself.