Books for Preschoolers on Wednesday, November 18 and Friday, November 20

Today we read four stories about shoes and socks!

A Pair of Socks is the story of a lonely striped sock searching for its perfect match, but none of the socks it finds seems to be quite right. After the book, we played a sock-matching game of our own in which the children received socks with different colors and patterns, then we worked as a group to help each sock find its mate. Pattern recognition is an important early math concept, so games like this are a fun way to build skills your child will need for school and the world.


Image of itemSherman has so many shoes! Flip-flops, rain boots, tennis shoes, slippers… but which shoes does he wear for which activity? Does he wear his dress shoes at the beach? Are swimming flippers the right choice to wear to Grandma’s house? Which shoes would YOU choose?




Image of itemPete the Cat loves his white shoes so much, he sings a little song about them. But then, oh no! Pete doesn’t watch where he’s walking and he steps in all kinds of messes, turning his shoes all different colors. We enjoyed singing along with Pete as we read about his day. If you loved this book in storytime, you should know that it is part of a series! Click here to find more Pete the Cat books in the library catalog.




Image of itemThese ducks know how to party! They put on their fanciest socks and dance the night away. When things go amiss at their weekly bash, the ducks don’t let it ruin their spirits. They just buy new socks and start the countdown until next week’s sock-hop.