Books for Preschoolers on Wednesday, November 25

For this Thanksgiving week, we read books about the holiday, sharing, and gratitude. Click on each book cover to find these titles in the library catalog.

Image of item We began with the story of a team of firefighters trying to find time to cook their holiday meal amid the constant interruption of emergency calls. By evening, the turkey is still raw and the potatoes have not been mashed, but the community comes together to serve their heroes a feast with all the trimmings.




Image of item Children don’t always realize the long journey food goes through before it reaches the dinner table, or the many individuals who are involved in the process. Before We Eat gives thanks to the farmers, ranchers, truckers, grocery clerks, and others who bring the food from farm to table.






Image of item Ma has baked a dozen delicious cookies, enough for Sam and Victoria to have six each! When two friends ring the doorbell, everyone’s share goes down to three. The doorbell keeps ringing and more friends arrive. As the crowd gets bigger, will there be enough cookies to share?




Image of item From walks with family to the hair on your head, The Thankful Book is a simple list of things to be grateful for. Several of our recent storytimes have also featured another title by this author, The Peace Book, which is a great choice to read with your family during the holiday season. The author, Todd Parr, has an ever-growing list of uplifting and positive books for young children. Click here to find them in our catalog.