Books for Toddlers, Friday, December 18

The toddlers and their caregivers gathered together today for our last storytime for a while.   (Storytimes will resume the last week in January.)  We had a great time singing about “two little blackbirds.”  The birds “sat on a hill,” “sat on a cloud,” and “flew in the sky.”  We decided not to sing about the birds sitting in the snow!  That time will come soon enough!

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We all joined together to read a simple version of The Gingerbread Man.  There are lots of great versions of this story, but the one by Beatrice Rodriguez seems just right for the toddlers and their caregivers, as everyone joined in to read “Run, run, as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man.”  At the end of the story, the fox eats the gingerbread man, so at the end of our storytime, the children got the opportunity to eat a gingerbread man cookie!