Books for Toddlers on Wednesday, February 3

Image of itemAlong with many rhymes and songs, we read two books in toddler storytime this morning. We started with Do Cows Meow, by Salina Yoon. This lift-the-flap book has bold, bright illustrations that are perfect for toddlers. The library certainly has no shortage of books about animal sounds, but I particularly like this one because it approaches the concept in an unusual way. Toddlers are accustomed to the question, “What does a cow say?” but the final page of Do Cows Meow? turns the question around by asking who says “moo,” “quack,” “baa,” etc. The difference is subtle, but it gets young children thinking about a familiar concept from a new angle. If you enjoyed this book, you should check out the sequel, Do Crocs Kiss? (Spoiler alert: they don’t.)

Image of itemWe also read My Nose, Your Nose, by Melanie Walsh. This book is an interactive exploration of different parts of the body. It also introduces the concept of diversity to young children: “Daisy’s skin is brown. Agnes’s skin is white. But they both have cheeky pink tongues!” The storytime crowd enjoyed sticking out their tongues, kicking their legs, and pretending to wash their hair along with the children in the book.