Preschool books on Monday, April 6

Image of itemWe started with a long book today.  Bunny’s First Spring tells the story of a young rabbit discovering all the seasons for the first time.  The pictures are soft and lovely, but the rabbit gets scared as winter comes.  Nature assures him that things are just sleeping, waiting to be awakened.  We can all celebrate at the end of the story when spring arrives, and it’s the birthday of the world.


Image of itemWe have read a number of books about this bear and his friends.  In this story, bear finds himself outside his den when a storm comes.  He feels scared.  His friends wonder if he is okay, and they go out to search for him.  When they are reunited at the end, bear feels safe.



Image of item

The bear in this story finds an empty box and thinks, “it’s the greatest thing ever!  Mouse will love this.”

On his way to find mouse, he meets many other animals who do not appreciate the empty box as he does.  By the time he finds mouse, he is discouraged.

What do you think?  Will mouse like this box?

Image of itemThe opening pages of this book show all the animals speaking at once, so it looks as though the book will be loud and crazy.  But each animal gets a chance to speak alone, until the end when the animals want to know how we say,



The last book Image of itemwas a rollicking good time celebrating the rain, mud and sun in springtime.