Changes in the Library

Up and Down arrows signIf you’ve been in the library this week, you may have noticed a few things have moved around.

In our continued effort to make information at the library – whether in the form of books, movies, or anything else – easy to find, library staff spent last Thursday morning shifting, merging, weeding, and generally reviewing some of our collections. Here’s the major highlights of what moved and where, and please ask library staff if you have any questions:

  • All non-fiction DVDs moved downstairs, and are now interfiled with our non-fiction books. This way, if you’re looking for, say, travel information to England, books and DVDs are now in the same place
  • All items having to do with languages – books, DVDs, books on CD, etc – are now shelved together in a new “Language” section upstairs, right next to the music CDs. We’re still in the process of labeling all of these items as “Language” both with a sticker on the item and also in the call number in the catalog
  • Most of the movies and audiobooks have shifted a few aisles over, to make room for the new Language section, and to fill in where the non-fiction DVDs were
  • The Young Adult section also has quite a few changes:
    • New books will no longer be in a separate section – they will be interfiled with the rest of the YA fiction books
    • We’re starting a new section for books in a series (like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc) – these eventually will all have a “Series” label both on the book and in the catalog
    • Video games are now on the back wall

If you have any trouble finding anything, or any questions about these moves, please ask any library staff person.