Chelmsford Curbside Recycling Program

Town of Chelmsford SealTown of Chelmsford
New Appliance, CRT and Tire Collection Program
Effective July 1, 2008

The Town of Chelmsford has contracted with Appliance Recyclers for a Town-wide curbside recycling program.

One call does it all! No more waiting for town drop offs AND no more waiting in line!

Chelmsford residents can schedule pick-up date and time either by calling 877-228-2898 or visiting Payment options include paying directly by credit card, check or pay online at

Listed in the table are their prices for specific items, and these prices will be effective July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2010. Appliance Recyclers is also able to take other items (call for prices).

Item Price/Item
White Goods with Freon* $12
White Goods without Freon** $10
Large CRTs, televisions and other monitors (27″ screen or greater measured on the diagonal). Pickup of CRT includes CPU, keyboard, mouse and desktop printer. $20
Small CRTs, televisions and other monitors (13″- 26″ screen measured on the diagonal). Pickup of CRT includes CPU, keyboard, mouse and desktop printer. $10
Smaller electronics category including: CRTs or flat monitors 12″ or less, laptops, VCRs, DVD players, etc. $5
Tires (Automobile, SUV or pickup truck) $5
Other large metal items: furnaces, boilers, radiators, wood stoves, metal storage sheds, metal bulkheads, snow blowers, lawn mowers, metal bathtubs, treadmills or garage door openers and just about anything else made of metal $10
* White Goods with Freon include: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers. Resident MUST remove refrigerator and freezer doors!
** White Goods without Freon include: washers, dryers, stoves, dishwasher, trash compactors, hot water heaters.

How the program will work:

  1. Residents will call Appliance Recyclers, Inc. at 877-228-2898 (toll free) and tell them what needs to be collected.
  2. Appliance Recyclers, Inc. will take payment either by mailed check, credit card or online through their website at
  3. Appliance Recyclers, Inc. will tell the resident when they will be in town for collections. Collection will be no more than two weeks from the date the service is requested.
  4. The resident must put the item(s) at the curb on the designated morning by 7:00 a.m. Residents disposing of refrigerators and freezers MUST remove the doors before putting them at the curb!
  5. If collection is scheduled for the same day that the resident’s trash and/or recycling is scheduled for collection, residents must place items to be collected by Appliance Recyclers, Inc. separately from the trash/recycling so that there is no confusion as to what is what.
  6. If the items are not collected as scheduled, the resident should call Appliance Recyclers, Inc. as soon as possible to report the missed collection. Residents should call the Office of Recycling and Solid Waste at 978-250-5203 to report missed collections.
  7. Residents of multifamily properties that do not have curbside trash and recycling collection (i.e., those that have dumpsters for trash, totes for recycling) should find out from their property manager where these items should be placed for collection by Appliance Recyclers, Inc. No items should be placed in such a way that they will interfere with the ability of the trash and recycling haulers to empty the dumpsters and totes.

Questions? Contact the Office of Recycling and Solid Waste: 978-250-5203.

This information is also available for download as a flyer [pdf].