Meet the Staff: Lisa Francine

Lisa Francine
Adult Services Librarian
978-256-5521 x1107

Lisa comes from a multi-generational family of readers. Some of her favorite memories, as a child, include: weekly excursions to her home town library; sharing and discussing favorite books with whomever would listen; and taking on any odd jobs around the house to supplement her allowance so that she could purchase new and used books for her personal library! Lisa is ecstatic for children’s and young adult fiction as she was a school librarian for 15 years. In the adult realms of reading she enjoys mysteries, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, narrative nonfiction, and graphic novels. When not reading (in print, ebooks, and audiobooks) Lisa enjoys gardening, standup paddleboarding, biking, and walking her dogs.

Lisa was featured in our June 2021 Real Librarians of Chelmsford blog series.

Lisa has been reading…