Dads and Donuts in March

shamrocksMy grandmother was born in Ireland, and the rest of my ancestors came from Ireland, so my family has always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.  I am surprised and delighted when other nationalities join in the celebration.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised.  March is a long month, with no Monday holidays.  This year the winter has seemed longer than usual.  We need an excuse to party.

The first book I read at Dads and Donuts was The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever!  Image of itemby Teddy Slater.  It had many details of a Leprechaun’s parade.  (We ended our storytime with a parade on the first floor – past the circulation desk.)


We will feature Laura Vaccaro Seeger  in our PlaySpace program this Tuesday morImage of itemning for 2 and 3 year old children.  Green has many shades of the color green on its pages.  One page says “no green” and shows a page with snow.  The next page, however, is saturated with green grass with a seedling growing.


Beginning March 24, we will feature Byron Barton in our PlaySpace. I have read My Car in storytimes recently, which ends with the surprise that the person who drives his car to workImage of item is a bus driver. This book tells us about his day as a bus driver picking up and dropping off dogs and cats.

The next book opens with a bare brown tree that magically gets its leaves by tapping on pages.  Image of itemWe blow a kiss to the tree to get apples.  We pat the leaves to encourage them to turn into autumn colors.  And we clap our hands to bring …
the snow!  All the grownups groaned when they realized I had tricked them into clapping for snow.  Perhaps the author anticipated that reaction, because the next pages say, “Okay.  Be patient…  Wait!  Don’t Go!”  And then we see pictures of spring again.