Dads and Donuts on Saturday, July 9, 2016

What’s the best thing to do on a gloomy and unusually cool Saturday morning in July?  Why, come to the library for storytime, of course!  Many dads, moms, grandparents, and kids of all ages listened to stories and sang songs.

Image of itemSince rain was predicted, we started with a rain story.  This one has lots of silly made-up words that were fun to say, like “….splish sploosh squash squoosh, oochy sploochy woochy woosh!”



Image of itemOur next story had more silly words in it, with some birds who decided they wanted to say a lot more besides “peep” or “coo.”  There’s a bit of a message to this story, too; but mostly we laughed at all the different funny words the birds used.



Image of itemElephant and Piggie are known for often being silly, and this next story was certainly no exception!  Piggie tries to get his friend, Gerald, to try his favorite food:  stinky, messy, fly-laden slop!  Gerald doesn’t want to hurt his best friend’s feelings, but he can’t get too excited about eating something that looks awful to him.  What will he do??  Colorful, expressive pictures made us laugh as we looked at Gerald’s horrified face; and Piggie’s enthusiasm was equally amusing!


Image of itemPete the Cat has become an instant classic– it’s a book with which an amazing number of children are already familiar.  That was great for me, as everyone could help sing Pete’s song.  Groovy!




Image of itemFor our last story, we read Yes Day, in which, on one day each year, a child gets to have any question answered with a yes!  As you might imagine, there are a few unusual requests, but all are honored in the spirit of the day.  Will yes day happen at your house?  You can decide after you read this story!