Dads and Donuts on Saturday, October 8

Image of itemWe like to read at least one book about Dads during the Dads and Donuts storytime, so today we started things off with Be Glad Your Dad (Is Not an Octopus!). This new title explores dads in the animal world, like the skunk dad who sprays you if you startle him, or a tortoise dad who takes forever to get anything done!

Image of itemOur next book was Count the Monkeys. The goal here is to count the monkeys in the book, but a giant cobra has scared them all away. The children in storytime had to try all sorts of things to get rid of the cobra and other intruders, and encourage the monkeys to come back so we could count them.

Image of itemWith Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, we practiced our scariest faces while reading Can You Make a Scary Face? I was very impressed with some of the scary faces this group made!
Image of itemOur last book was a Chelmsford storytime favorite: Shark in the Park! Sadly, this book is out of print and it can be difficult to find a copy for purchase if you want to own it at home. It’s a good thing you can borrow it from the library!