Dads and Donuts storytime on Saturday, May 14

Image of itemWho doesn’t love cookies?  Our first story this morning contained a bit of a mystery, as we learned that all the other farm animals are content to eat their “traditional” foods (hay for horses, corn for geese, and so on); but the cow wants something a little different.  So why does the cow love cookies?  Read this rhythmic rhyming story to find out!


Image of itemIn the eyes of his child, a daddy is always twelve feet tall!  This next story, with expressive large-format illustrations and simple text, celebrates the bond between daddy and child.  Everyday activities are portrayed with affection, ending with a cozy bedtime story.




Image of itemDid you ever wake up feeling grumpy for no particular reason?  Though it was hard to imagine being out of sorts on such a beautiful, sunny day, everyone could certainly identify with Bird’s feelings– and we were glad when he finally found a way to exchange his scowl for a smile.  I always like a happy ending!


Image of itemIt’s getting closer to strawberry-picking season in Chelmsford, so next we read this classic story of a mouse who only wants to eat his lovely red, ripe strawberry in peace.  But of course, he has to worry about that big, hungry, strawberry-loving bear.  Mouse tries a few different ways to protect his treat– and the answer is surprising yet perfect.  Large, detailed illustrations tell the story almost without need for the text; and it’s guaranteed you will want to eat strawberries as soon as you reach the end of this story!


Image of itemOur last story is also a classic– and also contains a bear.  Since our annual Teddy Bear Concert is this Friday, May 20 (10:30 AM at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts), perhaps we have bears on the brain!  This story of a family’s adventure contains lots of repetition, which lends itself to extensive audience participation.  Thanks to everyone for helping me read this story!