Dads and Donuts storytime

Next week is National Library Week.  I live and work in Chelmsford and am very grateful for  the tremendous support this library receives from the townspeople.  I remember riding on a float during the 4th of July parade several years ago.  It was the library’s float, and people kept yelling, “We love the library!” all along the parade route.

Image of item Lola is a little girl who loves going to the library every Tuesday with her mom. She loves storytimes, and singing – especially Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  After I read this book, I taught everyone my version of the song using American Sign Language.  It has lots of signs.  People in my weekday storytimes know these signs already, so they helped me lead the song today.

We read about Fabulous Frogs next. The text is by Martin Jenkins and it is illustrated by Tim Hopgood.  Isn’t that fabulous – someone with that name illustrating a picture book about frogs?

Image of item This is not a story.  It’s an introduction to some fascinating frogs that live all over the world.  The book starts with a Huge goliath frog that sometimes eats other frogs.  It shows us very colorful poison arrow frogs that have deadly poison in their skin.  The presentation was beautiful enough to read in a large room, but I highly recommend sharing this book one-on-one to take advantage of all the information in the fine print.

Our next 2 books were about vehicles:  Image of item and Image of item

The final book I shared was for the dads.  Many day-to-day moments in a child’s life are examined.  “When you wake up from a bad dream and you call out, Daddy! Your daddy could say, ‘Shh! Just go back to sleep.’ But he doesn’t. He comes to your room right away and sits beside you until you fall asleep again.”  The cumulative effect is stunning.

I Image of itemwanted to read it to say “Thank You” for all the kindness and patience and love that dads give to their children.   ~Maureen