Download Now: You need something good for the weekend!

For many, today has concluded a week of pretty dramatic changes in routine, home, and work environment. If you are headed into the weekend, you’re going to want to take something good to read with you. Here is a list of some really great escapes available now in Overdrive. View a full list of available titles by clicking here:

Origin - ebook

Haven’t read it yet? Now’s your chance.

Outlander - ebook

The definition of escape novel

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - ebook           Spring cleaning everyone, plenty of time in the house – Let’s get to it!

The Night Circus - ebookA bewitching novel that won’t remind you of work.

The Identicals - ebookBeach season is just around the corner….

The Girl on the Train - ebookHow to associate with people from a distance?

The Escape Room - ebookMaybe a story about being trapped in the worst locked room will make you fell better!

A Game of Thrones 4-Book Bundle - ebookYour ultimate quarantine challenge,