Elk’s Run

Elk’s Run is a graphic novel written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, with art by Noel Tuazon and colors by Scott A. Keating.  I loved this book!  It’s suspenseful, creepy and impossible to put down.  The art is incredible and helps propel the story forward to it’s horrifying conclusion.


Elk’s Ridge is a settlement inhabited by veterans of the Vietnam War and their families.  Supplies are brought in by truck, but aside from the truck driver, no one comes into Elk’s Ridge and nobody gets out.  What began as a tight knit, peaceful enclave has transformed into a nightmare.  The residents are turning against each other and the teenagers who have spent their entire lives in Elk’s Ridge use the unease as a cover for their own escape.

batgirl2~Tricia is the teen librarian at CPL and a huge fan of graphic novels.